The guestbook in video

Because the photographer can't be everywhere...Ask your guests to contribute on videos to make your event unforgettable

Collect your memories

Thanks to Community, all your guests will be able to leave you video messages, whatever the occasion is, they can record moments from your event, leave you a message of affection or share memories, all of that only needing their smartphone.

The bride and groom

Order your Party

You buy 1 Community on the Narative website.

Create your design

Create and personalize templates that your guests can react to from their phones.

Get your QrCode

Once validated, BeNarative generates a code and a link that you share with your guests.

On the guest side

Step 1

They flash the code or click on the shared link.

Step 2

They choose the template (Dual Cam, Selfie or just shoot the right moment).

Step 3

They record their videos and send as many as they like, throughout the event.

Start your campaign

Create your campaign : choose from templates and customize texts
Up to 1000 videos
Options : selfie, back camera and Dual Cam
Access to all your videos from your account
Contact us

Frequently asked questions

How do I create my campaign ?

Once you've placed your order, you'll have access to the application and will be able to create the assets for your campaign. We'll then send you a link and a QR code that you can pass on to your participants.

Which devices are supported ?

iOS (version 16+) and Android (Version 7+) smartphones are supported.

Who can submit a video at the event ?

Everyone with the QR code or the link. Number of video limited to 1000

How do I get my videos back ?

All shared videos will be accessible via a dedicated space in the application.

I have more questions

For all other inquiries, please contact us via