Video production and live studio for everyone

Save time and money by managing your own video creation. BeNarative makes your video production easier and faster.
Faire un live IRL avec les deux caméras de l'iPhone sur Twitch

The video creation tool that fits in one app

Forget about expensive, bulky and complicated hardware. BeNarative is a mobile application that allows you to create a wide range of content simply by using your smartphone.

Use cases

Formats you can produce right now

Direct professional interviews remotely

Experts, collaborators, celebrities, invite them to join you on video. Wherever they are, they can participate very simply using a smartphone or computer.

Add logos, backgrounds, text, etc. to create content that suits you
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Perfect your tutorials in just a few clicks

Create tutorials that showcase your products using screen share, or add visuals and videos for even more amazing results.

Sharing your expertise has never been easier.
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Become a director by creating your own on-set show

Set up your smartphones as quick as a winck wherever you want to create a set or capture your events. 
With Narative's directing console, change cameras and scenes instantly for professional result..

Share your adventures around the world !

Create outdoor lives exclusively with your smartphone.
Use Dual Cam to offer two unique points of view.
Take advantage of our cloud technology so your lives never go offline, even when your network lets you down.
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Record your podcast !

Increase engagement and connection with your audience by filming your podcasts.
No need to invest in expensive equipment, with Narative you can film with your smartphones.
You can also illustrate your guests' comments with images and videos.

Share your news on video

Illustrate your press reviews by uploading images and videos, or by sharing articles thanks to the screen sharing option.

Make your expertise available for your community or collaborators.
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Content that reflects you

Add your graphic assets into all your content creations.
Upload images, videos and music… Also use our editing tools to create a graphic environment that looks like you.

What makes us unique

Mobile production deck

Every cell phone becomes a directing console or a camera.
Whether it’s for directing your content or editing your scenes, everything can be done remotely from your smartphone.No need to bring your PC or hard drive with you.

Dual Cam

Thanks to Narative's exclusive Dual Cam feature, you can film with your front and back cameras at the same time, for a unique result.

Create lives that suits you

Upload your graphic assets (logos, images, videos...) and fully customize your productions.
Use or be inspired by Narative's original templates.
You can also customize everything as you see fit.

Give your live shows more impact !

Because your time is valuable, with Narative you can multi-broadcast your lives on multiple social networks (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, TikTok, Linkedin).
You can even broadcast to a personalized RTMP server.

Invite whoever you want, wherever you want

Invite up to 8 people* to your lives. Using a smartphone or computer, your guests can easily join in and enrich your content.
Live visual feedback lets them comment on your live since they can see the images or videos you're broadcasting.

(*) : option depending on offer level

Don't miss a beat

Download all video contributions without degradation and in a clean version, i.e. without overlays*.
Ideal for re-editing or creating new formats.

(*) : option available according to offer level

Multi devices

The platform supports a large range of external devices other than smartphones or computer webcams. Integrate video streams from digital cameras, camcorders or even drones.

WebRTC or RTMP, Narative adapts to every set-up !

100% cloud-based for enhanced accessibility and security.

With Narative's cloud platform all your graphic elements are available all the time from any device, (Mobile phone, tablet, computer) wherever you are. 
No more live disconnection and loss of your hard-earned audience ... even if you face a temporary loss of connection.

Compatible with your sound equipment

You attach particular importance to sound, and want studio quality sound.
You can easily connect your microphones, sound cards or podcast consoles to the Narative studio, whether from your cell phone, tablet or PC, for optimum rendering.

They trust us

Narative is a super innovative solution for events !
Marketing Innovation Project Manager at Bouygues Telecom
Our podcast has become a true show thanks to Narative.
The incredibly easy addition of visuals and the production console that sets the pace, allow us to create very professional content. By enhancing the format, it has allowed us to grow our community
Yacine Hamened
Editor Paris United
We use all the employees' phones to create content, which allows us to be more in real-time with events and saves us from spending a fortune on equipment.
Olivier levacher
Head of partnership and business developer at Bouygues Telecom
Great tools for capturing our events and live streaming them, all done simply with smartphones.
Martin Luther
Product Designer at Uber.INC
David Schmitz
CO-founder Paris Dot Comm
Huge time-saving for shooting all our Yoga modules for the website. With the built-in overlay, we didn't need to do any editing..
Martin Luther
Product Designer at Uber.INC
Marie Piton
Founder M-Yoga


Need help with your projects?

To exploit the full creative potential offered by Narative app and it’s unique technology, we have created "The Studio".
Our production teams support all creative minds in bringing their wildest video projects to life.

Whether you have technical and/or editorial requirements, want to create tailor-made Live formats or create original content using Narative's unique assets, don't hesitate to contact us !
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