Fan Zone

Gather your community around an exclusive feature !

Whether in the stadium, at home or in a bar, they now can share their emotions and messages on video.
Faire un live IRL avec les deux caméras de l'iPhone sur Twitch

Engage your community

Thanks to BeNarative, your community can support their club on video.

Not only your fans, you can also engage the people who are involved in the daily life of your club ! Before and during matches, they can film their reactions, their predictions, share their emotions...

Then use these videos on your website, your social networks, or broadcast them in the stadium. A great way to showcase your community and raise the profile of your club!


Throughout the season, invite your community to take part in the life of the club : reactions, predictions, open doors, opinions, etc.


Show your community how much they mean to you, by featuring their videos in your communications and even in the stadium !


Who better than your supporters to share their fervor and inspire others to join in ?

For the club

Order your Fan Zone

You buy 1 Community on the Narative website.

Create your design

Create and customize the templates your fans react to from their phones.

Get your QrCode

Once validated, BeNarative generates a code and a link for you to share with your fans.

For the community‍

Step 1

They flash the code or click on the shared link.

Step 2

They choose the template (Dual Cam, Selfie or just shoot the right moment).

Step 3

They record their videos and send as many as they like, throughout the season.

Start your season with a bang !

Season 2023 - 2024
Narative Party Fan Zone campaign
Customized videos in your club's colors
Dual cam (on iOS)
Dedicated storage space
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With CRM option
All the advantages of the "2023-2024 season" offer
Export user data
Personalization of collected information (e-mail, social network handle, etc.)
Customize legal notices
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