Why do you absolutely need to include your events’ livestreams in your content strategy ?

If you have not yet included live videos in your content strategy, here are some reasons to do so.

For a few years, Livestream videos have been experiencing a true success!

Numerous companies are relying on video streaming and on livestreams to cover their various events (seminars, conferences, product demonstrations, training courses, etc).

So why not you?

What are the advantages of live streaming?

To begin with, it allows the expansion of your brand’s audience: the live video experiences are quite attractive, they increase the notoriety of the brand and further favor the involvement along with the changeover.

In addition, the live video promises an authentic communication, unedited and correctly performed, strengthening the credibility of your brand.

It also allows your brand to extend their investment in video: livestream are providing rich video content.

Turn it then into a short video content, the public are truly loving that.

The creation of content that we call “evergreen” from a live video could extend the value of events investments by creating content for the next weeks, months or even years.

Well, you got it, lives are the eldorado of the KING, the dream of all CM, the Graal of marketing service, the Rolls Royce of the levers!

So yes, you will tell us that it was so nice of us to have convinced you to make livestreams, but that right now you don’t know AT ALL how to set up all of this.

Good news for you, Narative made available all the articles you need to become an expert of live.

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