The importance of doing video reviews of your products !

Consumed daily, reviews/unboxing videos are ones of the keys to increase the conversion rate !

When we work on a product’s commercialization, we often forget that even if we know it perfectly it isn’t the case of our target.

That’s why it’s important to take a look at the reviews that allow you to send the message you want to your audience.

Why create a video to present a product?

A presentation video is useful when it comes to emphasizing the qualities and unique features of a product (design, technology, etc.) and to highlight the customer’s advantages (ease to install and/or to use, etc.).

This type of advertising film goes with the current trend of the market, it follows a will of creating links between the brand and its consumers.

Social media, a major asset

Today, France counts 38 million active users on social media.

Year 2023 represents a unique opportunity to promote an offer and to reach new targets beyond the geographical limits.

The objective is to send a maximum of information to the viewer during the amount of time they watch a promotional video on social media, that is less than a minute.

A more impacting format

For a long time, companies realized their presentations via static documents (PDF, PowerPoint, photos, etc.) but the video format seems to be way more impactful.

It offers a better experience to your audience and it’s all the more true if you prefer original and attractive formats like motion design or the said format.

A more accessible format

Companies have quite abandoned the video format, because they lacked in-house expertise.

But nowadays, the creation of video contents is becoming way more accessible, especially thanks to Narative.
Our solution allows you to create a professional-quality presentation video with only a few clicks!

In the case of the content present in your presentation videos, try your best to make simulations of them.

Teleshopping isn’t trending anymore, it’s important that the persons who watch your video feel concerned.

Your video must include all the steps, from the unwrapping to the final render.

A format that is necessary to adapt

Typically, on TikTok it’s always right to the point (the result), while on Youtube it’s easier to give more information and take the time to explain some of them, etc...

It is then essential that you adapt your text and the form of your speech depending on which social media you’re targeting.

You can also prefer a strategy where you let people external to your company present the products for you.

You just need to send your products to well chosen creators who will make videos and test your product.

Think again about all these compulsive purchases that you made after watching a video on Youtube or Instagram...(don’t worry it happened to all of us) and try to reproduce the scheme with your audience!

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