How to stand up to the fear of showing yourself on live ?

If you’re worrying about going on live, relax, this new video format will only require you one thing: to be yourself !

You probably pointed it out around you already but everyone is trying out to make live streams.

It’s a way for content creators to express themselves easily and communicate with their community.

Live streams are used for a lot of subjects: video reactions, FAQ, interviews, gaming, etc...

To begin with, you have to know that it’s totally normal to be apprehensive about being on air live when starting, it’s by embarking that we learn.

Nobody is perfect from the first try, and it’s by practicing that we improve.

The more you’ll spend time in front of your camera, the more comfortable you’ll get.

Train yourself to air live in front of your friends first, and when you’ll feel ready, embark!

Be yourself.

Viewers are looking for a natural person, stay authentic!

They try to identify themselves with the one that they’re watching and following, that’s why it’s important to be yourself. They want the true you!

Keep in a corner of your mind that live streaming is quite the same thing as chatting or meeting people in real life.

If you have any technical issues, ask your public to be patient, they’ll understand right.

Pre-record your video content

With Narative, you can either live broadcasting your video, or recording it to broadcast later. Pretty handy, right?

You can already start to pre-record some short videos in order to insert them in your livestream, so that you can have breaks between two speeches.

The insertion of videos that are already produced and edited will let you some time to breathe, and it will make fresh content for your viewers.

You can also use your records as training.

Créer votre univers

Manage and create scenes of your live beforehand as you want.

You could then insert a piece of your notes, just in case you need to remember something (don’t worry, a blackout can happen even to the best). It could be very handy if you don’t want to lose the main thread of your live.

Having a customized universe and a preview of your live’s course will make you feel more confident, but will also bring more eye-catching content to your viewers!

With Narative, you have all the keys in hands to make a livestream that suits you. No need to be afraid anymore! Jump in!

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