How to set up my Twitch channel in 2023 ?

You are more and more to get started on Twitch, so in order to help you we have some advice to set up your Twitch channel !

In 2023 you are many to get started on Twitch and some of you are ignoring an important thing before even making your first live: the setup of your Twitch channel.

And yet, it’s ESSENTIAL to find you easily but also to redirect your viewers to your other social media.

The elements to set up before getting started on Twitch:

- The channel name

Think to have a name as short as possible (to help people remember it) and as easy to write (avoid the Xx_ElDi4blo59_Xx).

- The channel trailer & your bio

Short, clear and efficient, your trailer needs to motivate one to watch your next live.

For your bio: get straight to the point to make one understand who you are, in 2 sentences maximum.

- Your panels

These ones could redirect your audience, elsewhere than Twitch, via links.

- Your social media accounts

Link your social media accounts to make one find you away from your lives.
It will allow you to make your audience come back regularly.

- Choose moderators

Moderators are crucial during lives, they’ll ensure you to make your chat a safer place for your viewers.

Start with a friend, then ask one of your loyal viewers to fulfill this crucial role for any Twitch channel.

- Your Go Live Notifications

You’ll have to always be impactful, creative and attractive in your catchphrase which will be automatically sent by Twitch to your followers at the moment you begin a live.

You can edit this alert in the designated box, that you can find in the Stream Manager section of the creator dashboard.

- Enter the language of your live

Precising the language of your stream will allow you to be sure that you are in the default category being the English language.

You could also add “tags” to precise the nature of the content you are providing on Twitch.

- The archiving of your lives

If you want one to find your live content in rerun you must think of activating the automatic reruns.

They’ll be available for 7 days, be careful because they’ll disappear beyond that period.

- The schedule

If you have in head the content that you’ll make along with its frequency, think of using the Schedule tool provided by Twitch.
Thereby you’ll create meetings with your audience who will know the day of your next live.

Regarding all of these elements, try to give them visual coherence to differentiate from the other and make yourself recognizable from the first sight.

It is not something to ignore if you want to make your viewers loyal.

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