How to make a good interview on live ?

The interview is probably one of the most frequently watched formats, we will explain to you how to stand out !

The key point : An interview is attention first.

During your discussions, don’t think about the next question you plan on asking them, listen to the answer of your guest in order to bounce back on it.

This way you can go deeper in your discussion and could have a more friendly conversation with your guest.

And in the case of an interview,

Care for the sound.

An interview is more of a listening than a watching thing.

Interviews are a hit on ALL social media, however it’s a format that people tend to listening more than watching.

Think then about investing in a high-quality sound set-up more than in state-of-the-art cameras, a smartphone can largely do this.

Vary your panelists !

If you plan on doing frequent interviews and turn them into a regular show, you will little by little build up a community around this format.

Consequently, it is relevant to not invite only popular people who have already done this exercise multiple times.

It’s better to interview less known profiles, because it adds an aspect of discovery near your audience.

It will also allow you to be watched for the content of your show and to not be dependent on your guests to increase the number of views.

Bring something new about the form.

If the background of an interview doesn’t change much from one show to another, the key to stand out is the form !

You can for example add games, concepts in your show in order to make sequences and give some rhythm to your live.
We can especially think of Kyan Khojandi who, in his show called “Hot Ones” has articulated all his interviews about tasting spicy sauces !

Replay your interviews on other platforms.

In 2023, the most popular videos on social media like Youtube are the long and very long contents.

Then don’t hesitate to repost your interviews streamed live on these platforms, this type of content will allow you to appear frequently in the recommendations.

Also think about making playlists, it will make your audience come back regularly and increase the number of followers !

Little tip, if you are recording in 16:9, think of filming from a further point in order to give you the possibility to crop the video on different formats to post on other social media like TikTok.

Interview is a format now accessible to everyone !

For a long time, it was necessary to have a studio, cameras, a production team and a technical one to make interviews.

Thanks to Narative it is not necessary to have all of that anymore, your smartphones are enough to make interviews live!

And, icing on the cake, you can even do your interviews remotely to avoid the research of a studio and the worries of your guest.

Discover all the possibilities that gives you Narative.

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