How to live without a computer ?

A computer had been for a long time necessary to live, but in 2023 a smartphone is enough !

If you are reading this article, it’s probably because you’re a streamer and that you’re on vacation, far from your setup, or that your PC doesn’t work anymore.

No stress, just with the Narative app and a smartphone, you can always provide live content to your viewers!

Narative is an app available on iPhone and Android that allows you, thanks to the Cloud technology, to film and conduct lives from your smartphone.

The formats you can easily produce from Narative:

Talk Shows

One strength of Narative is its simplicity to invite panelists on your live.

In fact, thanks to a simple link, your friends can join you in your content creation, and you also have the possibility to manage their cameras as you want.

And… ta-da, you don’t even have to be on Discord to communicate together, it’s all included in our app!

Another strength of Narative is that you won’t have to care about your guests’ setups because it’s compatible with Android, Apple and PC.

Then you can, for example, conduct from your iPad, shoot your POV with your iPhone and interact with your friend who is using the webcam of his laptop.

Horscam, the Talk Show hosted by Mrbboy45, is conducted with Narative and is a great example of the range of possibilities at your disposal when using our app.

Multicam lives

Even if until now the live streams using many cameras looked like they were limited to the finest Twitch streamers, you’ll quickly see that Narative is allowing you to make this kind of production way more accessible!

Actually, you won’t have to buy three Red cameras and a tricaster to do a multicam anymore, from now on, some smartphones and the Narative app are enough.

Thanks to an invitation link or a QR code, you are able to invite any phone (or Webcam) to participate in your live.

In this way, each device (smartphonee or webcam) becomes a potential camera to build your multicam setup!

Bonus: You can even ask a friend to log in with your account to manage all your live remotely, wherever in the world he may be.

IRL lives

Narative makes you go further in your creation of contents on live, because the mobile app appears to be the perfect tool to IRL live stream.

Just like with OBS, you can build scenes in function of what you want to show at a given moment. (Waiting screen, only one camera, chat, etc…).

However, you can also share the two POV of your phone with your viewers!

Narative offers the possibility, only with an iPhone, to add in your stream scenes both front and back cameras of your phone.

You can manage them independently one from another, create scenes or it can be only one of them, etc…

As you’ll have understood, with Narative you don’t need to invest in overpriced material.

You only need one or some phones along with an internet connection to express your creativity on live!

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