How to find other streamers to create content with ?

Alone we go faster, together we go further ! But then how to find streamers to create content with you ?

Some people could tell you that collaborations are the name of the game to gain visibility, and they would be right about that!

In fact, what more natural than streaming with other creators to be highlighted alongside their community?

However, we admit that it can sometimes be hard to find creators who have available places for their game sessions.

Find creators within your reach

That’s why if you are beginning you have to search for creators who are at the same “level” as you, who are just starting and don’t have a team to stream with every evening yet.

Besides being more approachable, you would be in the same dynamic and could motivate each other to climb to the top Twitch streamers!

If you don’t try you’ll never know

Despite all, it is likely that there are more “big” streamers with whom you’d really want to stream. You could take a chance, like it’s said: if you don’t try you’ll never know!

However, you’ll have to take account of the fact that they are requested everyday to collaborate but also that they already have “guests” with whom they’re used to stream with.

Then you have to showcase what new you can bring to their lives, don’t ask to stream with them just to stream with them.

So before submitting a collaboration with another streamer, ask yourself the following question: What do I have more than others which could bring an added value to their content?

Dare asking

If you’re actively searching for other creators with whom streaming, you could especially make an announcement in the #collab channel on the discord of Narative.

Also think of asking your viewers who are likely to watch different streamers of the same range than you and who could be aware of which other streamer is seeking to collab.

Be also aware of the streamers you are following on Twitter. It is common that streamers make invitations to search for players who want to join them on multiple games.

And here we go, you now have the keys in your hands to search for streamers with whom to create content.

But don’t fall in the vice of doing collaborations only out of interest, do it as a means to offer better content!

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