Who are the most viewed French Youtubers in 2022 ?

If you want to get in on a new kind of content strategy, here is a ranking of the 10 most popular French youtubers that could help you find inspiration.


With more than 17 million subscribers, Lucas Hauchard rules supreme on Youtube in France. He is offering fun videos, challenges, music clips...

Even if Squeezie started with video games, it is now more likely to categorize him as an “Entertainment” youtuber thanks to his strong concepts like “Who’s the impostor”.


He was one of the first youtubers that became popular in France. Cyprien offers to his 14 million subscribers more personal formats, with dramatic short movies but also funny videos.

Even if Cyprien had been for a long time THE youtuber number 1, he is now a lot more discreet, alternating classic concepts of his channel and formats that suits him the best, that are short movies.

Tibo Inshape

Workout, diet advice or even sportive challenges, he is now counting 8,8 million followers.

Often accompanied by his partner Jujufitcats, who is also a youtuber, his channel is going more and more to Entertainment than fitness content.


Maxime Chabroud offers to his 7,9 million subscribers some videos linked to challenges.

Accompanied by his 3 new companions Etienne, Yvan and Thomas, Amixem is doing videos mostly humorous around challenges, games or picking concepts that are hitting in the USA.

Rémi Gaillard

Well known for many years for his pranks, he now has 7,2 million subscribers. He is known for being a fervent defender of animal rights.

Mcfly & Carlito

David Coscas and Raphaël Carlier are youtubers highly appreciated in France. Thanks to their funny videos they obtained a community of 7 million followers.

Maybe you’ve heard about their famous “Anecdote contest” featuring the French president, but they also did a series of videos where they randomly call people among their phone contacts.

Monde des Titounis

A lullabies channel active for 16 years from now. Then it went with other kinds of videos like educational ones which are still made for little kids.

Cyprien gaming

Inactive for 3 years, this channel initiated by Cyprien and Squeezie still counts 6,2 million subscribers.

It’s an iconic channel in the eyes of those who have been watching Youtube for a long time, but after Cyprien recently talked publicly about the end of his friendship with Squeezie, it is unlikely that a video will be uploaded again one day...

Swan et Néo

Néo, 18 y-o and his brother Swan, 10 y-o, are now entertaining 6 million children and teenagers.

And even if this Youtube channel lose its brightness, it stays a reference in the eyes of young children!

Finally, our favorite channel is definitely the one of Valouzz

Combining Vlog, Food and Gaming, Valouzz takes an important place on Youtube with more than 3 million subscribers.

He is one of the greatest growths of the last few years in France near Michou, Inoxtag, and his partner Pidi.

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