Which is the best smartphone to IRL live stream ?

We aren’t changing phones each month, so if you are a streamer it is important to choose the right smartphone for your next IRL livestreams !

You are searching for THE smartphone that will follow you during all your journeys in IRL live, but you don’t know which model to choose?
At Narative, if we have to choose one and only smartphone, it would be the iPhone 14 pro.

The iPhone 14 pro is the smartphone that counts the highest video quality but also the best stabilization, allowing you to propose IRL livestreams stable and of quality.

The iPhone 14 Pro and its numerous lenses.

Its main lens

Its large aperture will allow you to capture a maximum of light even in the darker places.

Its ultra wide lens

You can share the maximum of your field of view during your IRL lives thanks to this lens.

In addition, Apple offers a natural correction of the ultra wide lens to limit the distortion that can be found on the majority of ultra wide lenses.

Its telephoto

This one will probably serve you less than the previous two but could be useful in certain cases, like when you want to show off far away elements!

Do not ignore the rest of the Apple range

If the iPhone 14 pro represents a budget too big for you, let us tell you that you are not compelled to invest in the most expensive smartphone of the brand.

The rest of their range and their previous generations would do the job really fine.

One thing is sure, an iPhone will allow you to get the most from the Narative app.

You can also use the Dual Cam and enjoy the Apple Watch app which will allow you to change your scenes and see your chat!

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