Which bandwidth do I need to cover a live event ?

The bandwidth is a key element to live stream, we’ll explain to you all you need to know to cover your events !

When you plan on live streaming, the first thing you must study on is the internet connection at your disposal.

In fact, even if you had the best equipment possible, it wouldn’t be of any use if you don’t have a good connection.

How to know the quality of my internet connection?

We might teach you something by saying that it’s possible to evaluate your internet signal very easily, just by using this website: Speedtest.net

When you’ve clicked on “GO”, you have to look at the “UPLOAD mbps” part, symbolizing the intensity of your signal when it comes to data sending.

To live stream in 720p, we estimate the necessary speeds of 1.5 mbps minimum.

While to live stream in 1080p, it’s better to have speeds of 3.5 mbps minimum.

If you’re using multiple phones (participants in Narative), you’ll need to multiply the signal by the number of contributions.

Let us explain: if you’re making a live with 3 phones using the same internet connection, to make a multicam livestream in 720p for example, you must have minimum speeds of 4.5 mbps (= 1.5×3).

If you can, we suggest you to prefer a connection via optical fiber more than ADSL or Mobile Network (4G/5G). It should ensure a better quality image along with a greater stability for your stream.

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