What material do I need to broadcast my IRL livestream ?

Good tools make a good craftsman, so discover the best material to go IRL live streaming !

At the beginning, IRL streaming went hand-in-hand with complexity, because of all the material that one needed to take with them in their backpack.

But in 2023, thanks to Narative, IRL live streaming is becoming accessible to everyone because all you need is one and only thing: your smartphone.

In fact, Narative allows you to turn your smartphone into a camera that follows you everywhere.

Is a smartphone enough to IRL live stream?

The answer is yes.

BUT you could still look for a few more materials to make your life easier and get to the next level of IRL livestreams.

A stabilizer

The stabilizer Dji Osmo will allow you to add more stability to your live, but also to set your smartphone wherever you want thanks to the little tripod at the end of it.

That is really handy if you want to rest a little bit after moments of trail, at a cafe or at a restaurant for example.

The lavalier microphone

Very easy to set up, if you end up proposing an IRL live in a noisy environment, lavalier microphones will allow you to clearly separate your voice from the background noises.

At Narative, we are frequently working with the Rode Wireless Go 2 which are really easy to connect to your smartphone.

A portable battery

If you plan on doing lasting IRL live sessions or if your phone is beginning to age, we strongly suggest you to equip yourself with a little portable battery, with that you won’t have to fear the moment where you have to end your live after only one hour recording.

Also don’t forget to take a long charging wire to have enough slack to charge your mobile while keeping a liberty of movement with your camera.

And finally the element that will make the difference

A Narative subscription in its IRL package at 9,99€ per month.
Well yes, we just discreetly integrated self-promoting, but be sure that this subscription will really make you relax with the protection against logout that ensures our app.

By choosing the IRL package you will also benefit from the “Dual Cam” function, allowing you to turn on the two cameras of your iPhone to propose an IRL livestream ever more immersive.

In addition, it also makes the Narative watermark disappear from your lives.

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