On which devices can we use Narative ?

Narative is currently the best way to make live streams, learn about the devices where our app is available.

There are plenty of computers, tablets and smartphones of all kinds, that’s why Narative was designed to be available for as many people as possible.

Whatever the ecosystem on which you are used to create content, you will find Narative.

On mobile

If you are part of the Android fans, you’ll just have to click on this link in order to access the Narative’s Google Store page.

For Apple addicts, you can find the app on your iPhone and your iPad.

Don’t forget that your device needs to use the iOS 15.0 or a version above.

It’s good to notice that using Narative on iPhone will allow you to have access to the Dual Cam.

Thanks to this feature, you will be able to activate your front and back cameras at the same time, which will allow you to record what you see in front of you along with your reaction simultaneously.

Bonus: Narative is also available on Apple Watch to help you have your chat and your scenes with you at any time!

On Mac & computer

If you are more at ease with the idea of realizing or contributing via a computer, Narative is also available on PC thanks to our Web app.

In order to optimize your Narative experience, prefer the following search engines: Google Chrome, Firefox and Edge, that have a greater compatibility.

Good news, it is genuinely possible to mix multiple devices in your production.

For example, you could manage your live with your iPad and contribute from a PC or an Android.

Narative is available in multiple languages, which is purposeful if you want to collaborate with people from all over the world!

The languages available are the following: French, German, English, Korean, Spanish, Indonesian, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian and Turkish.

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