IRL livestreams: The new trend on Twitch in 2023.

The journeys around the world, coming back on this new trend that is blowing up all Twitch scores !

If you are on Twitch for a long time, you must be aware that at the beginning there were only gaming streams on the platform.

We have to remember that there was a time when some streamers had to negotiate with Twitch to propose Talk Shows on video game news, that is to say!

And yet, these last few years, the talk has highly succeeded to prevail on the platform, even becoming the most viewed category via “Just Chatting”.

The importance to follow the trends

Well yes, Twitch is no exception to other social media, even when it comes to livestream there are trends around formats and topics.

And like you might already know, it’s important to follow the trends to be highlighted and be discovered via the different highlight tabs of Twitch!

The more you anticipate the arrival of a new trend, the more you will benefit from its hype.

So maybe you also pointed this out already but if there is a trend that is emerging more and more nowadays it’s obviously IRL livestream!

Easily IRL live streaming thanks to Narative

It is indeed likely that you have already tried to IRL live stream but that you gave up when you experienced the complexity that it could imply.

Between the price of the material and the login issues, we know it, IRL lives can frighten anyone.

But good news, Narative is an app designed to wipe out all the complexity of the exercise, so rest assured, you will be able to IRL live from A to Z very easily!

Our solution will allow you to not have to worry about the potential areas where 4G is bad.

In fact, thanks to Narative, a connection loss doesn’t mean that your Twitch livestream is gonna end abruptly!

Small connection losses won’t cause other than a quality decrease of your camera, until a stronger signal comes back.

About true connection losses, they will not cause more than a momentary loss of your camera and will let the elements that you’ll have put behind take its place.

So don’t forget to put a waiting screen behind your camera to inform your viewers that this image loss is only temporary!

Maybe you’ve guessed it with the previous tip, but yes, Narative allows you to create stream scenes on your mobile for your IRL lives!

The time when you had to launch your IRL live with a close-up view of your head as the first picture is now over!

Streaming a POV is great, streaming two is greater!

It’s our key feature, if you have an iPhone, Narative allows you to IRL live with the two cameras of your smartphone (back and front).

If you want to get more information about this feature, we suggest you read its dedicated article.

You guessed it, IRL lives are becoming more and more popular on Twitch and constantly easier to realize, thanks to Narative.

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