How to make a good IRL live on Twitch ?

To produce a gaming live and make an IRL live are really two different things, so we have some advice to make good IRL lives on Twitch (or anywhere else) !

An IRL live has to be prepared!

Yes we know that the magic of IRL live streams lies in the improvisation, but it’s important to prepare some points that’ll make the difference.

Set an objective

Give yourself a place to reach or an activity to do, don’t hesitate to talk with people, to take photos, to stop by little stores you find interesting, well, let the magic happen!

And if the solutions available to IRL live allowed you to do one and only thing so far, which was to send a stream, thanks to Narative you can now do a lot more!

Narative works, just like OBS, as a system of scenes that allows you to add pictures, videos, music, etc… Offering you the possibility to propose IRL lives decorated with your visual identity.

Also think to prepare a scene to put at the beginning of your live, so that your viewers can come little by little and that your live doesn’t begin too brutally, which forces you to talk in the air while nobody is in the chat.

Prepare your scenes to potential log out

Prepare yourself to the log out! You know it, during an IRL live it’s almost inevitable to have connection losses.

And if you couldn’t do anything besides enduring these log outs and gradually lose your viewers at each cut so far, it’s not the case anymore thanks to Narative.

In fact, when you have connection cuts, your camera will be disconnected but the rest of your scene will continue to be streamed!

If you plan on moving during your IRL live, we recommend you look up the ARCEP map beforehand to know if you’re near a cell tower and which operator owns it.

The further you’re away from a cell tower, the lower your phone speed will be, and it can cause troubles on your live.

Make the difference with the Dual Cam

Finally, Narative allows you also to share both front and back cameras of your iPhone thanks to its Dual Cam feature!

Then, your viewers won’t miss any piece of your journeys in IRL.

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