How to IRL live with the two cameras of my iPhone ?

Discover the features that’ll allow you to stream both POV of your iPhone !

If you had already started an IRL live in the past or if you plan on doing it, you must have wondered about the following question: Do I show myself or what is happening in front of me?

Stream your 2 POV, it’s now possible!

Narative is the only mobile app that allows you to use the front camera AND the back camera on your live and to manage them independently from one to another.
It could maybe seem superfluous but don’t forget that what interests your viewers is you!

This second camera is useful to share all of your IRL lives, including your reactions.

However, there will be some moments when you wouldn’t want to show your face or the place you’re in.
Don’t worry because you’ll be free to move the scenes as you want to show only the camera you need.

It’s important to notice that turning the Dual Cam on needs a signal two times stronger, that being 3.5 mbps in 720p, easily obtainable using 4G.

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