How to improve the quality of my IRL live ?

The secrets of high-quality IRL lives, are they really easy and steady when using a smartphone?

Even if Twitch had been for a long time only dedicated to Gaming livestreams, IRL lives have always existed.

However, this kind of content had been restricted to creators with the resources and the technical skills to have a “backpack”.

The backpack is crucial because it contains streaming tools designed for TV channels.

You’ve understood it yet, this solution isn’t accessible to everyone because you’d need to afford thousands of euros, apart from the 4 telephone subscriptions required!

Narative: the app making IRL lives accessible to everyone!

And here comes Narative, our mobile app that allows you not only to stream a steady and high-quality IRL live but also to realize it via your iPhone or Android!

Decorate your scenes

In fact, Narative allows you to do way more than a simple backpack, because you’ll have the possibility to create scenes like with OBS and to decorate them with pictures or videos.

Don’t be afraid of connection losses anymore

You could tell from your first IRL lives that connection losses are inevitable.

You will naturally walk in areas where the signal is not powerful enough to send a video feed to your audience.

That’s why Narative has developed an app that prevents your video feed from cutting whatever the situation, and with that, you’ll not lose your audience.

All you need to do now is to prepare your first scenes with Narative, to turn on the camera of your smartphone and then you’ll be ready to live on the social media of your choice!

Stream with the two cameras of your iPhone

Icing on the cake, with Narative you can use the two cameras of your iPhone to share both points of view!

If you are curious and want to learn more about the Narative functionalities, don’t hesitate to join our discord!

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