How to find a Visual Identity for your contents ?

You are launching a new project and you don’t know how to deal with its visual identity ? Then here we have some Tips that should help you !

Why having a visual ID ?

Maybe you have already heard about visual identity or “Art Direction” when it comes to large brands such as Coca Cola, Nike, Facebook, etc…

You have to know that even if this term could frighten you, it doesn’t concern only large entities and is not a thing to underestimate if you are a content creator.

Building a visual identity for each of your contents (Reels, Tik Tok, YouTube videos, Twitch livestream etc…) will allow you to be identified more quickly and to retain your audience.

Take the example of a YouTube video: your visual identity will make things easy for the user to identify from the first sight that it’s your content that he’s about to watch, thanks to the thumbnail.

Ok but what does it imply ?

Relax, you don’t need to hire a graphic designer nor to become one by yourself if you want to create your own visual identity.

The key is to stay simple.

Make a logo by yourself :

The logo is probably the most important element because it will particularly allow you to be more recognizable on social media thanks to a shared illustration.

If one of your Twitch followers wants to find you on Tik Tok, they will not only enter your name but also will search for your logo which will stay the same on all of your accounts, and so it will allow them to distinguish you from your homonyms.

You are not (yet) Nike, so opt for a logo that evokes your main thematic more than one that would just be an inspirational design.

If you are specialized in cooking videos, put an object related to the kitchen that everyone would easily understand, like a chef’s hat for example.

Don’t hesitate to use online tools to create your logo, such as Canva, which is a really strong tool for those who aren’t used to do this kind of work.

Search for recurring colors.

It is important that the same colors appear constantly on your visuals: YouTube thumbnails, cover images, Instagram photos, etc...

The goal is again to make one associate instantly a visual to your content.

However, don’t choose too many colors and stay plain, we recommend you to choose a maximum of 3 colors.

Try also to choose complementary colors to be sure that your visuals keep a certain coherence and an aesthetic.

If you want to easily pick complementary colors, we recommend you to use Adobe Color Wheel to help you.

Furthermore, if you make livestreams or YouTube videos, don’t hesitate to create a small opening that is useful to identify you or even to identify a specific format.

If you are searching for a music library (at reasonable prices), we recommend you to use Epidemic sound, Artlist, or musicbed.

And if we didn’t succeed in convincing you that a visual ID can be easy to realize, you have the right to manifest yourself on the Narative’s discord to find a graphic designer ready to work with you!

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