How to be successful on Twitch in 2023 ?

There’s no miracle recipe to become popular on Twitch, however, you could maximize your chances by following a few key tips.


In 2023, if there is a variable that doesn’t change, it would be the regularity.

Maybe you already read or heard about that somewhere else, but regularity is THE key to succeed on Twitch.

If it’s a point to not ignore, it’s especially because being regular will allow you to build relationships with your viewers and to make them loyal.

Furthermore, planning regular schedule on precise dates and hours could help your viewers know exactly when you are streaming.


It is probably one of the most important elements about streaming.

Unfortunately in 2023, doing long streams regularly is not sufficient to attract new viewers on your Twitch channel.

That’s the reason why you must take an amount of your time to create content on other social media.

The simpler and less time-consuming method is indeed to take clips from your lives to post on Tik Tok, Instagram (Reels, Shorts) and Twitter.

Don’t forget to create best-of of your lives for YouTube in order to show the best moments of your streams to another audience who is likely to be interested by what you’re doing.

If you don’t have time nor skills to do a best-of, you should know that there are a lot of artists who are seeking to work with new streamers on this kind of format.


Another possibility to highlight your lives could also be to stream on multiple platforms at the same time.

However, do it within the rules of the live-streaming platforms.

For example, if you’re “affiliate” or “partner” on Twicth, you won’t have the right to stream on YouTube, Facebook or even Kicks at the same time.

Tik Tok is not concerned by these restrictions though, then consider taking advantage of this possibility.

Narative does allow you, in fact, to stream on many social media at the same time.


In addition to offering an added highlight, collaborations with other streamers could help you create more diverse content, it is then a thing not to ignore.

If you want to find other creators with whom streaming, don’t hesitate to ask on our discord in the channel #presentation.

Break new ground!

Finally, one of the most interesting tracks to be highlighted at the eyes of a larger audience is still to break new ground in your content.

Offer content that we don’t usually see anywhere and which would provide something original to your viewers, that’s the key!

Narative is a tool designed to help people even the smaller streamers create ambitious content like Talk Shows, IRL lives or even multicam lives (cooking, art, etc…) without having to invest in ruinously expensive mics and cameras.

We hope that this article would have motivated you to continue creating content on Twitch for this year 2023.

We also suggest you to take a look at Lady Sundae channel, she often makes content in the attention of smaller streamers who would want to know how to succeed on Twitch !

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