Gift ideas for a Twitch streamer

Maybe you are searching for a gift to offer to a relative who is beginning to stream on Twitch, but you don’t know anything? Here are some ideas.

No need to stress if the deadline is coming soon, we already have our ideas of gifts for a streamer, here are some of them:

Under 10€

You could offer a month of Narative subscribing, in its IRL Live” package! With this you would allow your friend to try out an IRL livestream.

Good news, thanks to Narative there’s no need to buy anything else, because the only material they need is a smartphone!

Under 50€

Gifting subs? That’s a classic but it represents a greater support than you could imagine.

Point out the regulars, viewers who are very active but don’t necessarily have the resources to financially support your friend.

With this gift you wouldn’t make only one happy, because you would also brighten up the day of each person to whom you gifted a sub!

Under 100€

We don’t usually think about that but you don’t necessarily have to gift material to please a streamer!

You could especially search for artists who would use their skills to help your friend.

Logo, banner, music, fan-art, there’s a ton of artistic possibilities that would surely please any streamer.

You could also search for an editor, what’s better than a best-of of the greatest moments that happened during the streams to touch a streamer right in their heart.

Under 200€

Finally, given the trend that is emerging around IRL livestreams, if you have a decent budget we suggest you gift a smartphone stabilizer.

And if we had to suggest you one in particular it would be the Dji Osmo Mobile which really is the must-have of its range!

We hope that our advice helped you avoid ripping your hair searching for the perfect gift for a streamer.

But don’t hesitate to look on your friend’s social media if they have a wish list where all the material they need is shown!

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